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If you are following my posting threads on women, aging and lingerie, I have been doing research for the past few weeks to see what vendors are collaborating with women 50+ for promoting their products and so far only found one @lonelylingerie (IG)

This brand is not promoting matronly products, they are promoting beauty and comfort for every women regardless of shape and age.

It seems like brands go cyclical depending on the “politically correct” groups to promote at the time. I have been in this business for over 17 years and the majority of the media are promoting thin, in shape and mainly Caucasian women (for most part with small breasts.) Then a few years ago they started to add some diversity in shapes, meaning what the industry calls “plus models”, and most recently we have seen and increase in more African American models.

Personally, I celebrate all the diversity of women because in my business we serve very diverse groups of women from age, shapes and nationality. We have had customers as young as 10 up to 100, and in case you are wondering that 100 year old customer was as sassy as sassy comes.

As I’m closer to my 60s B-Day, I’ve been wondering why I don’t see more women in my age group promoting the wisdom, beauty and sexiness that comes with our age?

I’m by no means young, tall, in shape and with perfect breasts like the media tells us we should be. I’m however, young at heart, working on the health of my body best I can every day, and with inner beauty and confidence that only comes with age.

As a woman business owner of a more mature age, my goal this year is to diversify our products and services. Right now we are focusing on getting back on our feet from the shutdowns and financial struggles but make no mistake, we are still here and more committed to our core purpose of supporting an uplifting women (Yes, all pun intended!) ~Frances

PS: We are not carrying this line at this time, however, we needed to give them a shoutout for the amazing job they are doing of promoting diversity for women.
✧ ⚚ Gayleen Hamilton for Lonely ⚚ ✧

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